Shu Yamamoto


Meow-gazine Alert! Moonsea Life Aesthetics Showcases Shu Yamamoto’s Artistic World!


The Moonsea Magazine – ISSUE SIX (

Purrfect news, dear humans!

The Moonsea Life Aesthetics Magazine is featuring meow-velous coverage in its sixth issue!

They’ve curated a delightful collection of articles exploring the art and culture of both human societies and our feline world, all through the mesmerizing artworks of Japanese artist Shu Yamamoto.

From the history and culture of “traditional” winemaking to celebrating Christmas and carving pumpkins,

this issue takes you on a whimsical journey of ideas and inspiration that brings tranquility to your everyday life.

It’s time to untangle and rediscover the joys of living! Published in September 2023. This marks the first paw-some appearance of Shu Yamamoto’s work in Europe.

Shu Yamamoto’s creations have been published in multiple Asian countries. Starting in 2012,

the renowned Japanese art publisher Kyuryudo initially launched “CAT ART COLLECTION” and “CATART Postcard Book,”

followed by another esteemed publisher Kodansha introducing “Fei Meow-er” and “Meowseum.”

In 2018, the translated version of “CATART Collection” made its debut in Korea. In 2021, as Shu Yamamoto’s art exhibitions toured, China’s largest art book publisher, Zhejiang People’s Fine Arts Publishing House, unveiled “Meow Meow Art History.”


Shu Yamamoto

CAT ART Artist

The motifs of SHU YAMAMOTO's CAT ART are based on paintings from the history of art, and the original style, composition, colors, and touch, as well as cuteness and fun, have been highly acclaimed in Japan and the United States.